[Game] Complete game project

 Above all, this project is the first that I meant to lead to something more advanced than a simple test/amusing development. Indeed, my latest projects let me acquire some technical skills which will be very helpful in an entire project. Moreover, the moment where I’m going to have to stop school, internship and all this scolar … Continue reading [Game] Complete game project


Goals : Make a game absed on the player’s reaction time and reflexes. The game put the player into an universe onto which he has no control. He go through a closed environment. Projectiles pop in front of the camera, and each of the repulsed projectiles gives points. The amount of points depends on the impact suffered … Continue reading Reflex

Some useful Unity scripts

I chose to create this sections on my portfolio, to make several unity/c# scripts available. Indeed, I have to write some little (more or less) pieces of code, to help me in the creation of my projects. And, sometimes, those are worth to be shared (I think)   City engine That script, on which I … Continue reading Some useful Unity scripts

Bouncing balls

First project of the “just for fun” catergory, Bouncing Balls is a simple application which lets the users…. watch some balls bouce, and play with the gravity. So, nothing complicated, and I must admit that the goal is rather to test the build of applications for Android. Downloads : On Mediafire : Windows –  Mac OS – Android … Continue reading Bouncing balls

Virtual Reality – Space Station

Goals : As part of my virtual reality classes, and in group of two, I chose a project on the medeling of a space station. But, more than the modeling, what matters is the immersion and the virtual reality side. The modeling part will be functionnal and pleasant to watch, but no more. And, most of all, … Continue reading Virtual Reality – Space Station

Test Unity2D

Goals :  Create a 2d platform game. Current state : Half-draft, with some gameplay trials, in order to find something interesting, and fun. Downloads : On Mediafire : Windows –  Mac OS ; On Google Drive : Windows –  Mac OS  ; On Dropbox : Windows –  Mac OS. Controls : q and d to move left and right, z to jump, … Continue reading Test Unity2D

A World of Discoveries

Goals : Create a world based on several scenes, without any real limits or constraints. The true purpose is to learn to use the different functionalities. Current state : Stand by. Downloads On Mediafire : Windows –  Mac OS ; On Google Drive : Windows –  Mac OS  ; SOnur Dropbox : Windows –  Mac OS. Controls : zqsd to move, space to … Continue reading A World of Discoveries

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