Unity – “Handy”

Assets’ organization : Very helpful link if you want to put your assets in order. This architecture is customisable (it lacks of an animation folder, or an UI folder, in my opinion)

Substance player : This piece of software is quiet useful if you want to generate maps (including normal maps…)

Unity – Middle

Unity – Advanced


Other software and usefull links

  • Crunchbase : Database rather valuable which gathers an incredible amount of company and people of tech world.
  • Scribbleton : A really nice piece of software, to create wiki easily.
  • Algorithmia : Algorithm marketplace.
  • Pealtrees : Mmmh…Hobbies gathering site.
  • Video Game Careers : A very useful document that shows exactly which skills are required to build a complete video game
  • Information is beautiful : All is in the title, click and see ! Very nice graphics.

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